Luxury Daily 评选Agility为“年度奢侈品研究机构”

我们很荣幸,Agility团队被Luxury Daily评为“年度奢侈品研究机构”。当我们回首过去的2年,我们非常骄傲被认可是一家专注为客户在奢侈品领域提供最好服务和结果的服务机构,尽管这期间因为新冠带来这么多不确定的因素和震荡。经历这些之后,我们更加强大,作为一个团队,我们更加团结。接受这么有份量的奖励是一个真正的荣誉,也是迎来2022最好的一个方式,我们会一如既往地忠诚和有效的服务我们的客户。

We are honoured that the team at Agility hasbeen recognized as "Luxury Market Researcher of the Year" by Luxury Daily. As we look back on the past 2 years, we take pride in knowing that as an agency we have remained focused on delivering the best results for our clientsin the luxury space, despite all the uncertainties and disruptions brought by Covid. We are stronger and the team is more united than ever. Receiving such prestigious awards is truly an honour, and the best way to greet the 2022 ready to serve our clients as faithfully and productively as ever.

创建时间:2022-02-22 11:14